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When you engage Penn Capital Group, you work with the principals

Planning in progress

At Penn Capital Group, LLC in Lititz, Pennsylvania, we believe, “A successful negotiation is rarely achieved without preparation, nor is a successful sale achieved without preparation.”

First 30 days

After an engagement from the seller is completed, we review financial information, plan strategy, and produce a detailed memorandum.

30 – 90 days

We identify potential acquirers through communications with our referral network that includes financial institutions, investment banks, attorneys, accountants, and equity capital groups. Then we distribute a “blind” summary of the seller’s business to potential acquirers.

90 – 180 days

Once an acquirer’s interest is verified through the presentation of the “blind” summary, we qualify the acquirer financially and strategically. The detailed memorandum describing the business is furnished to top level executives after having signed a confidentiality agreement. If the prospective acquirer is interested in pursuing the matter after reviewing the memorandum, we facilitate meetings and a visit to the business.

180 days – closing

We assist both seller and acquirer through all subsequent stages of the transaction that includes: coordinate follow up information requests, discussions, negotiations, facilitate due diligence, legal documentation, coordinate environmental phases and closing.

Fees per transaction

We require a retainer fee to begin the engagement and a success fee based solely upon the transaction value, due at closing. Travel and related out-of-pocket expenses apply.

Fees per consulting

A non-refundable retainer fee that constitutes payment in full for a specified number of hours is due at engagement. Any services provided in excess of the specified hours will be billed at an hourly rate. Travel and related out-of-pocket expenses apply.

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